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Richmond Castle, Yorkshire, England

Welcome to the Richmond Family Ancestry web page!

This site contains information about the ancestors and descendants of John Richmond of Taunton, Massachusetts who immigrated from Wiltshire, England in about 1620 AD.**

We are, however, trying to accumulate information about the many other main branches of the family from England, Scotland, Australia, America and the isles of the sea.

We have the genealogy of the early Richmond family, and interesting information about Richmond Castle , once the ancestral home of the Richmond family. Sections of the book "The Ancestry of Thomas DeMott Walton" (1995) written by Mrs. R. Walton includes information about the early American Richmonds. Mrs. Walton researched the Richmond family name for 25 years.

At present, our reproduction of the first 4 generations of Joshua Bailey Richmond's book the Richmond Family are available. We plan to finish the remaining generations of book in the coming months. We are also currently working to provide an interactive descendancy pedigree of JB's book. We currently have the best interactive pedigree and family group sheets on the Internet. JB's book will be a separate database, but in the same user-friendly format.

Richmond Family Highlights is a new page to highlight an interesting Richmond family. Periodically, the page will feature a new Richmond family to help you with your Richmond research needs. If you would like to contribute to Richmond Highlights, contact us.

Don't forget about our "Did You Know" page which brings to light interesting facts about the Richmond name, Richmond places and stories.

We are now hosting the Richmond Family Contact Database. This database contains contact information about Richmond family researchers, as well as their area(s) of interest. You can either View the list of researchers, or submit your own contact info to the database. Maybe some distant Richmond cousin has the very information for which you have been researching!

Our guestbook is now on-line! Please leave us your Comments, or View what others have to say!

Please Read: We have received many emails providing the lineages for many Richmond families, unfortunately, the amount of data is overwhelming. We are still processing the data we have already aquired. If you would like to share your Richmond lineages, please contact us first. Thank you.

**Please note that the lineages provided herein may not be complete, nor totally accurate, but are based upon the accepted work of others, as well our own on-going research.

What's New?

Have you had your DNA tested to learn your lineage? The Richmond DNA Project is in it's infancy and by ordering your DNA test you can be Richmond Family DNA pioneer. Click here to learn more. . . We descend from John Richmond of Taunton (1594). See our DNA results. To compare our sequence with that of other Richmonds click on the DNA sequence image.

Lately an old Richmond Family Cemetery has been in the news in Taunton, Massachusetts. There has been some great concern of the state of these and other old Richmond cemetery grave sites. Therefore, we've decided to start a virtual Richmond Family Cemetery to share and preserve the gravestones of our progenitors. If you have a Richmond gravestone photograph you would like to post at our web site please click here to learn how to submit your images.

Embroidered Richmond Family Crest - The crest is created by a master embroiderer using gold and silver metal threads and colored cotton threads dyed to match our crest’s colors. The embroidery is truly a unique family heirloom that can be passed from generation to generation. The embroidery is 6"x 6" on black felt and can be placed within a matted 8" x 10" frame. The unframed embroidery is a very reasonable $75.00 plus S&H. Send an email to order your treasured Richmond Family heirloom.

HELP NEEDED - Richmonds,

Many of us who are descendants of Hiram Richmond (born 1800 in New York) and Betsey Martin (born 1798 in New York) and who is the son of Gideon Richmond (born 1771 in Taunton, Mass.) and Rebecca (Hannah) Whitney (born 1768 Goshen, Mass.) use Joshua Bailey Richmond’s book “The Richmond Family” to make the lineage connection. However, some genealogical societies are not accepting JBR’s book as “proof” of the Gideon-Hiram connection. Does anyone have access to Gideon Richmond’s will, land deeds, tax records or anything that would help build the case that Hiram is indeed the son of Gideon and Hannah (Whitney) Richmond. Any help would be greatly appreciated. . .

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Richmond Family Group Sheets and Interactive Pedigrees.

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